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Client's Quote :

"Eurus was everything that we had hoped for. In fact we have found in them, a perfect partner that goes to any extent to help build our business, often going way beyond what was expected or contracted for."

Mr. Sanjiv Bhavnani
CEO & M.D.

Colocation & Facility Management - Services

Colocation & Facility Management - ServicesEnjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your servers are protected with the latest technology and onsite personnel. Eurus's datacenter employs the latest technology  to ensure your equipment is protected, including a non-service affecting FM 200 fire suppression system, and a Temperature Service Level Agreement. With our Central redundant UPS’s, and dedicated redundant back up generators and high speed redundant network we are confident enough to offer a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee.

Eurus's colocation suites provide the secure, well-connected, fully managed air- conditioned environment with physical rack space, 10BaseT switched Ethernet connection, IP address and dual-redundant mains power at 650 South Grand Ave., Los Angeles. This is a carrier neutral state-of-the-art facility and the building is home to POPs of many of the worlds leading carriers. The building provides maximum environmental and power redundancies, enhanced securities and unprecedented connectivity to multiple carriers and other facilities. Colocation server hosting has never been easier with Eurus. Colocation server hosting was once designed for the do it your self admin that wanted to have full control over hardware, software, and management of the server. Colocated server hosting services now has all of the features of dedicated hosting, plus more.


  • Colocation Services
    Eurus colocation services provide customers with a reliable, secure, and climate controlled environment. Features include flexible space options, redundant power and cooling systems, physical security, and other sophisticated systems for fire suppression and water leak detection. By outsourcing network-dependent components of their IT infrastructure to Eurus secure, state-of-the-art colocation facilities, customers realize dramatic improvements in network security, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Proactive up-time Service Level Agreements guarantee that its colocation services will be available on a very high uptime, ensuring uninterrupted performance for its customers’ mission-critical systems.
  • Interconnection Services
    Eurus interconnection services provide customers with a range of options to exchange traffic from direct interconnects, to peering services that allow participants to publicly peer through the world’s largest Internet exchange points. By choosing Eurus interconnection services, customers are afforded cost-effective access to multiple bandwidth providers, allowing them to reduce their reliance on costly local loops.  Through Eurus interconnection services, customers can quickly and easily manage growth in bandwidth.  They also benefit from enhanced network reliability and increased network performance.
  • Internet Exchange Solutions
    Eurus services enable Internet Service Providers and content providers to take advantage of more interconnection choices, quicker time to market, access to more networks, vast peering and transit opportunities, and a richly diverse customer base—all available in highly secure and reliable facilities.
  • Value Added Services
    Eurus Remote NOC services provides its customers outsourced technical NOC support 24X7. Voice and Data network specialists are available live round the clock to resolve and technical issues, and provide regular updates on network status.

Features & Benefits:

  • Managed hosting environment e.g. power, air conditioning, fire detection and suppression ensures optimal performance of customers’ equipment
  • Eliminates the capital expenditure typically associated with developing and maintaining an optimal hosting environment
  • Lockable racks in our highly secure hosting centre ensure that the security and integrity of the equipment is maintained giving customers complete peace of mind
  • Free Operating System Installs (Based on Admin Approval)
  • Expert Design and Configuration
  • 100% network uptime guarantee, secure, fully redundant, climate-control
  • Custom Server Configurations
  • Outsourcing the management of the Internet infrastructure helps customers conserve on-site IT resource
  • Bandwidth capacity can be readily scaled to meet customers' growth requirements
  • Priority Pre and Post Sales Support
  • Refocus internal IT resources on strategic initiatives
  • Provide scalability necessary to support growth
  • Enhance network performance and reliability
  • Ability to out task and extend IT technical expertise
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Tech Support available
  • Redundant high speed Internet connection and backup power ensures maximum speed and availability of customers Web content, improving the end-user experience
  • Power-ac 120/240v single & 3 phase available, dc-48 volts with 6 hour back-up.


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