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Client's Quote :

"Eurus was everything that we had hoped for. In fact we have found in them, a perfect partner that goes to any extent to help build our business, often going way beyond what was expected or contracted for."

Mr. Sanjiv Bhavnani
CEO & M.D.

Lease Facility - Services

Eurus, Network Service providers-India, is providing cost effective Lease solutions to offshore clients and providing top Infotech services from India to various outsourcing companies in India, USA, Europe, Asia etc.

If feel you deserve something special, at Eurus network services you'll find leasing our products is less expensive and more convenient than you think! You'll find great offers on our Mux, Nortel passport, ITI, CISCO, Nuera, Quintum, etc. on month-to-month and fixed term contracts.  Local access facilities and intra-building cross connectivity in both cities allow for interconnection to virtually any carrier with a point of presence in the U.S. Whatever your budget, our affordable leasing plans offer all the flexibility and none of the hassle.

  • Nortel and Nuera Mux Ports
  • Predictive Dialer on lease on a ASP Model
    With today’s lean budgets, contact centers are looking for new ways to do more with less. Eurus Dialer’s unique technology provides unparalleled productivity gains compared with any Legacy  predictive dialer, while providing contact centre managers with an entirely new set of tools to reduce expenses.
    Eurus Dialer is an integrated component to the all-IP contact centre platform. It fully integrates predictive dialing functionality with our Company IP-based Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) for a seamless soft-dial solution.
    Dialer Service is a speech enabled automatic telephone device, system and method using a spoken name corresponding to name-telephone number data of computer-based address book programs. This includes user telephones connected to a PBX-type telephony mechanism, which is connected to a telephony board of a name dialer device. User computer workstations containing loaded address book programs with name-telephone number data are connected to the name dialer device. The name dialer device includes a host computer in a network; a telephony board for controlling the PBX for dialing; memory within the host computer for storing software and name-telephone number data; and, software to access computer-based address book programs, to receive voice inputs from the PBX-type telephony mechanism, to create converted phonemes from names to match voice inputs with specific name-telephone number data from the computer-based address book programs for initiating an automatic dialing.

Benefits of Eurus Dialer :

  • Eurus Dialer Services Are FASTER
    • You'll be impressed with how quickly the calls go out. There is nothing like recording one message and it goes out to your entire team in a matter of seconds
    • Speed dials programmable with the different, multiple calling cards
    • Deployments are on-line within days, not weeks
    • Make 200 + calls per day. Increase sales.
  • Eurus Dialer Services Are More CONSISTENT
    • Industry-leading uptime using high-end servers with redundant Network capabilities
    • It can also dial a phone number without a modem
    • Dedicated advantage of best breed of tools, technologies and skills in integrating, upgrading, tuning and maintaining hosted applications
    • Tabs & speed dials alphabetic sorting capability.
  • Eurus Dialer Services Are More FLEXIBLE
    • Extend dialing on the existing call using dialer's keypad
    • Easy-to-use and flexible integration with any software
    • Single or multi-line configuration
    • Openness of Web technology allows software based on the Internet (integrated hosted products) to be more flexible
    • The ability to dial phone numbers from any document or browser page.
  • Eurus Dialer Services Creates BUSINESS VALUE
    • You get more time leverage to spend on your Business and not making phone calls
    • No need for on-site IT infrastructure or added capital expenditures.
    • No need for additional IT staff or software specialists
    • Plays messages to live people and/or answering machines. Ideal for mass marketing, political campaigns, emergency broadcasting and much much more. Faster ROI than traditional on-site deployments.

Eurus Dialer solutions can save businesses up to 30 percent or more in expenditures (AT&T) – a compelling statistic at a time when capital and operating budgets are flat or declining. Cost savings is the number one driver for customers to purchase Eurus Solutions. We also provide Dialer’s on Rental or Hosted modes.


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